violet & purple colored contact lenses

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violet & purple contacts

Violet(purple) contact lens is

Violet(purple) contact lens is the best fashion contact lens for people who would like to demonstrate distinctive eye color. Dark brown eyes match very well with violet contacts. A lot of people who tried purple contacts say that it looks much more natural than they expected. Especially those purple contacts with high transparency will offer rather more natural styling. This is because the purple color of contacts and the brown color of the eyes can mix very naturally. However, if you use purple contacts with low transparency, you will experience the color of your eyes changing into purple. For those with blue or green affiliated color eyes, the purple contacts with low transparency will give you an opportunity to experience a dramatic change in the eye color. Also, if people with blue eyes wear the high transparent purple contacts, they will get a bit different eye color than usual. That is because blue and purple mix and make a bit different color.

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