prescription colored contacts

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prescription colored contacts

What are prescription colored contacts?

Prescription colored contacts are meant to correct the defect in your eyesight. Prescription colored contact lenses have some power that make them uncomfortable and cause blurry vision. They are available in color. Prescription colored contacts correct your myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, as well as enhancing or completely changing your eye color.

* Hushcolor doesn’t require submitting your prescription to purchase. However, customers must be prescribed by your doctor, who can choose right lenses for your vision and fit them for your eyes.

The Best selling prescription colored contacts in 2015!


 GEO Tri Color Brown CM 902 
14.0mm diameter, 8.6mm base curve.
High transparent natural brown colored contacts. High transparent natural brown colored contacts. Power: 0 ~ -10.00 available
 GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green a.k.a. Bambi series WMM303
14.8mm diameter, 8.7mm base curve.Costume play, Halloween, special parties. Thick limbal ring on green color enhances and completely change your eye.
14.0mm diameter.8.6mm base curve. They create perfect natural brown color. Sandwich method by NEOVISION Inc.

Most popular prescription colored contacts in 2015!
Prescription colored contacts make it easy to change your look, even though you wear vision correcting contact lenses or glasses. They are safe, comfortable and easy to wear during traveling, flying or even doing sports.

Best 3 of prescription colored contacts containing the most in the shopping cart.

GEO Mimi Cappuccino Brown
(Café Series WMM600)

Adorable dolly eyes effect! They are well blend
ing with brown eyes color and
match with any tones of skin.

HUSH Claries Green n312
The most popular contacts in green colored contacts.
They are preferred for those who
want natural green eyes color blended
rather than noticeable

GEO Bella Blue BS202
These high transparent blue contacts
provide gorgeous blending effect with
bluish and brownish eye color.
For brown eyes, it creates deep blue
 color effect on your eyes, and for blue eyes,
defined eyes effects are provided. 

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