Hazel contacts

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Hazel contacts

Hazel contacts and hazel eye color.

There is a misunderstanding about the hazel contacts. Generally, people think hazel color to be reddish brown color. However, hazel color eye is a multi-color eye mostly brown and green mixed.


For this reason, there are two types of understanding regarding hazel contacts. There are people who think the brown and green mixed color contacts to be the hazel contacts. On the other hand, some people think that the reddish light brown contacts are the hazel contacts.

NEO Charming Brown n324 is the two color mixed hazel contacts.  HUSH Claries Hazel is the reddish light brown hazel contacts.

If you compare these two pictures, you can see that the understanding of hazel contacts is very different between these two groups of people.Academically or scientifically, hazel contact lens that demonstrates hazel eye color is the NEO Charming Brown n324
 But at HushColor, we sell both NEO Charming Brown n324 and HUSH Claries Hazel. Do not be confused.

Pure hazel contacts on dark brown eyes.

How it feels pure hazel colored contacts on dark brown eyes? Hazel colored contacts naturally blended well with dark brown eyes and create Slight brightening and sparkling effect for dark brown eyes. Particularly, slight red color of hazel gives the romantic atmosphere.

Introducing the new hazel contacts!!
  • We are introducing Hushcolor’s new hazel contacts. This new item will change your dark brown, light brown, green, etc. eyes to hazel eye color. This contact lens has a very low transparency, so it will definitely change your eyes to hazel colored eyes. This hazel contact lens goes along well with smoky makeup and vivid makeup.
  • This hazel contact lens is especially loved by dark brown eyed people. Since the transparency is very low, any cy olor eyes will change into hazel colored eyes. This contact lens has a color that is mixed with brown, green, and dark brown. Please remember that the transparency is verlow. It is one of the top 10 colored contacts in Korea and Japan when it was released.

Transparency of hazel contacts.

High transparent hazel contacts transform your dark brown eyes slightly brightening and reddish color. On the contrary, Low transparent makes dramatic change of your dark brown eyes to hazel color. Transparency is one of the most important factor in addition to colors of your eyes and contacts to select colored contacts. The higher transparent rate has, the better blending effect with your eyes color brings. 

High transparent
Low transparent
HUSH Refresh Brown(N424)  HUSH Chartreuse Brown 

Hazel contact lenses for blue or green eyes.

For blue or green eyes, lower transparent hazel creates the more dramatic hazel color effects. 0% transparent rate gives complete change of your eyes to hazel color. If you want naturally well-blending with hazel on your blue or green eyes color you would better to select higher transparent hazel colored contacts.

If you are looking for ‘natural hazel contacts,’ it will be depending on the color of your eyes.
If you have hazel color eyes, any item in hazel category will be okay for you to choose(you will be able to have any designs engraved on the lens.)
Also, if you have brown eyes and you are looking for hazel contacts, we recommend you to get high transparent hazel contacts. The brown color of your eyes and the color of lens will mix well and make a very natural color(unless people see your eyes from a very close distance, they will not notice that you are wearing contacts.)
If you have light blue or light green eyes, you need to know that your eye color and hazel color of the lense will mix when you wear high transparent hazel contacts. There are many people who wish to have mixed color eyes. Also, many people who have light blue eyes use hazel contacts very often. Moreover, many people recognize naturally mixed contacts to be the natural contacts.

Hazel colored contacts 40% discount promotion

Hushcolor is launching a promotion that sells popular hazel colored contact lens with 40% of its original price.
HUSH Bright Brown l original price : US $ 20.00 ▶Sale price : US $ 12.00
This contact lens is a big size one with a 15mm diameter, but its high transparency makes it a natural pure hazel colored contact lens.
Brown eyes will change into totally different colored eyes, and pure hazel eyes will experience an expanding effect. We are selling them with US $12.00, which is only 40% of the original price. This contact lens is very safe since it has been made with the sandwich method from GEO, Korea.

GEO Xtra Stella Brown WTB74 l Original Price : US $ 19.00 ▶Sale Price : US $ 11.10
GEO Xtra Stella Brown WTB74 is one of the most popular 3 toned pure hazel colored contact lens in the world. It has a 15.0mm diameter that goes along very well with the dolly eye makeup, so many people in Japan and Taiwan use this contact lens. It has a high transparency so its color will blend in well with your original eye color. Also, the edge has down toned dots so your eyes will look naturally expanded.

Sale promotion period : Payment completed on 2016.02.13
These items will be sold with the original price from 2016.02.14. Hazel contact lenses buyers also looked up Light brown contacts, Light Blue contacts, Brown contacts.

Do you wish to change your dark brown eyes to hazel color eyes?

If you have light brown affiliated color eyes, changing into hazel color eyes is not hard. Using colored contacts that have very light brown and light green colors mixed color will let you have vivid hazel color eyes. This is because if you wear contacts with down toned brown and green color mixed color, your eyes might have khaki color. 

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