Geo contacts

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Geo contacts & Geo Medical circle lenses

GEO contacts is one of Korean trusted and renowned contact lenses.

GEO is one of Korean trusted and renowned manufacturer with Interojo, G&G, Neovision and Bassen.  Among them, GEO is the first FDA approved company, and its brand awareness is the best of the world. For reference, GEO contacts are little bit thinner than general contacts. (Thicker than one day contact lens). GEO contacts are recommended to use contacts within 8 hours per a day.

Many online shopping malls are selling GEO brand’s contacts.

However, some shopping malls from China, Malaysia, etc. are selling fake items. HushColor from Korea sells 100 percent original circle lenses, which have been manufactured through OEM, received from GEO head office in Gwangju, Korea.

HushColor is selling GEO medical’s contacts in much cheaper prices than any other shopping malls.
More than 50 percent of HushColor’s items are GEO contacts. Because there are so many kinds of GEO contacts in very large quantity, the unit cost of production is fairly low. For this reason, HushColor is able to sell GEO contacts in a very cheap price. There is a huge production scale gap between HushColor and small scale shopping malls of China, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

GEO’s main brands are listed below.

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HushColor uses the credit card payment and account payment of PAYPAL, which is ranked #1 in market share and security among GLOBAL credit card payment company. Customer's credit card information is not stored in HushColor, so do not worry about security problems.
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