G&G contacts

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G&G contacts

G&G/DEUBA have the greatest diversities of colored contacts.

More than 3~4 times of contactsare produced in G&G/DEUBA than GEO, Neovision and Interojo. And they are the most total production companies. G&G contacts are thicker than general contacts, and they provide the best durability.

With GEO, HushColor is the only online shopping mall that have the largest quantity of G&G contacts. Every year, HushColor sells more than 0.7 million G&G contacts to customers all over the world. Most online shopping malls do not go through quality tests. However, for every single G&G contacts coming into our warehouse, we run quality tests. There are 3 to 5 percent of defective product rate for contacts. However, with specialized through inspection system, HushColor was able to reduce the defection rate under 0.01 percent. Since we are confident with our quality inspection system, we accept returns requested within 1 week. If you are not satisfied with G&G or GEO contacts purchased from other shopping malls, we strongly recommend you to please try our products.

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HushColor uses the credit card payment and account payment of PAYPAL, which is ranked #1 in market share and security among GLOBAL credit card payment company. Customer's credit card information is not stored in HushColor, so do not worry about security problems.
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