Dia. 15.0mm Color Contacts

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Diameter 15.0mm Color Contacts

Must confirm BC(Base Curve) when you want 15.0mm dia of colored contacts.

For customers looking for 15.0mm big eye colored contacts, BC (Base Curve) should be checked first. The fit of a contacts is dependent upon Base curve (BC) rate. You will need to go first to your optometrist to determine what base curve will work best for you. In case of small pupil or less than 8.7mm of base curve, Hushcolor recommends to wear 14.8mm colored contacts instead of 15.mm to prevent eyes from side effects.

Outstanding enlargement effect colored contacts (B.C. 8.7mm)

The most prefered 15.0mm colored contacts in Korea, Japan and China?

3 types of colored contacts, as listed below to provide outstanding enlargement and trendy dolly look are the best selling colored contacts in Asia!

All 15.0mm diameter colored contacts

All 15.0mm diameter colored contacts is approved by KFDA and 100% authentic bands.

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