Dia. 14.0mm Color Contacts

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14.0mm contacts

14.0mm diameter contacts are very small size contacts.

They are the first contacts that were sold in the public, and they are still very much loved. Colored contacts, the circle lenses, are used for two different reasons. First, it is used to make a change in the eye color or strengthen the depth of color. The other purpose is to expand the eye size. The main purpose of 14.0mm diameter contacts is to make a change in the eye color just like 14.2mm diameter contacts.

14.0mm and 14.2mm contacts

There are a lot of people asking the difference between 14.0mm and 14.2mm contacts. In fact, there is not much difference between these two. Some manufacturers only make 14.2mm diameter contacts, and some others produce 14.0mm diameter contacts. However, there is no manufacturer that makes both 14.0mm and 14.2mm diameter contacts. This is because they only choose one of these two small size contacts. In other words, the predominant size for the small contacts is between 14.0mm to 14.2mm.

Many 14.0mm contacts users use 14.5mm or 14.8mm contacts to demonstrate dolly effects on their eyes.

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