costume contact lenses

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costume contact lenses

Costume contact lenses are recommend to use within 6 hour a day.

We recommend to use costume contact lenses within 6 hour per a day. Hushcolor is a devoted online fashion costume contacts shopping mall. Animation, movie character, cosplay style. With only 10$, you can grap dozens attention in the special occasion. Cosmetic contact lenses are called different name such as cosmetic eye contact, fashion contact lenses, circle lesnes, etc. Makeup style and fashion coordination is impotant point to select cosmetic contact lenses. Low oxgen penetration ratio of cosmetic contact lenses has bad influence on eyes care. Therefore, KFDA, FDA recommend to use them for 6~8hours per day. Particularly, cosplay contact lenses and theatrical contact lenses having very thick colored portion must be used in 6hour a day. Artificial tears or wetting agent is necessary to supply enough moisture and oxgen after use.

costume contacts with only 10$.

Twilight vampire, zombie or hot moive / animation characters. Our costume/halloween/anime colored contacts will help your dramatic transformation to stand out from crowd in special occasion. Golden chance to get these outstanding & approved costume contacts by KFDA with only 10$. Manufactured by 'Sandwich method'

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