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cosmetic contact lenses & contacts

Cosmetic contact lenses is called by different names - colored circle lenses, fashion contact lenses, etc.

Cosmetic contact lenses means originally non prescription contact lenses for the purpose of beauty, not for vision correction. However, since they became sensationally popular in Korea and Japan, various type of contact lenses with power has been manufactured so far. Cosmetic contacts has particularly variety of designs comparing to one-day contacts. For cosplay, special occasion, unique and flashy contacts are release lately. Unlike one-day contacts, cosmetic contacts can be used from 3 month to 1 year.

Korea is a major manufacturer of cosmetic contact lenses in the world!

Korean cosmetic contact lenses (called 'colored circle lenses in Korea) are being widely recognized around the world for the their design and quality through Kpop stars and press media. Unlike other colored contact lenses online retailer Hushcolor only provides 100% authentic Korean well-knowned and trusted bands (OEM by GEO, G&G, Neovision, etc.) approved by KFDA. Please confirm place of shipment to distinguish original and imitation.

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