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cheap contacts

How hushcolor provides colored contacts at the cheap price?

Because, unlike other small scale online retailers, Hushcolor directly provides OEM colored contacts of GEO, G&G and other Korean trusted and renowned manufacturers, to our customers without any mid-distribution margin, and Hushcolor manages own quality control team struggling to provide the best quality contacts to our customer’s satisfaction.

Hushcolor achieve competitive prices through decreasing production errors. Because defective contacts always have been found in the production process at a steady rate, and the manufacturers can’t sort out all defective contacts, hushcolor implements additional quality inspection by our quality team to provides the best quality contacts to our customers.

Furthermore, Hushcolor directly dispatches our quality team to manufacturers to pick minute errors in production stage, that can’t be found by visual inspection. Most of online colored contacts shopping mall sales contacts directly to customers without this process.  In this case, defect rate is quite increasing because they can’t help only counting on visual inspection.

The reason hushcolor spends cost for additional inspections are that we strongly believe decreasing production errors is the best way to reduce price for our customers and give cheap colored contacts to our customer. 

The three most sold contacts are listed below in the cheap contats category.


 HUSH Valentine Brown GEO Magic Black(CK105)  G&G Queenie Royal Brown
 US $ 7.00 US $ 8.00  US $ 9.90 


Eery Cheap contacts is 1 year disposable.

Thses all Cheap contacts are Steady selling items in Korea and Japan.

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HushColor uses the credit card payment and account payment of PAYPAL, which is ranked #1 in market share and security among GLOBAL credit card payment company. Customer's credit card information is not stored in HushColor, so do not worry about security problems.
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