Black color contact lenses!

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Black color contact lenses

from mystic deep black contacts to light black circle lenses close to grey.

The most various lineup of black colored contacts at More than 50+ different types, from mystic deep black to light black close to grey. Outstanding defined effect and oriental look on dark or brown eyes. In order to have slight deep blue eyes for light blue eyes, high transparent and light black colored contact is recommeded.

Best black circle lenses & natural black circle lenses!

These 3 type of best black circle lenses as listed below are the most popular black colored contacts for brown eyes. Usually, black colored circle lenses is well blended with dark brown or brownish eyes. Normally, big and light black colored contacts is prefered in Asia (Korea, Japan, China, etc) and Small and deep black colored contact is prefered in America and Europe.

Natural black contacts.

Light black contacts create natural coloring effect. Deep black colored circle lenses are prefered for cosplay or Halloween party. In the natural black circle lenses category, light black colored contact (14.5mm~14.8mm) is the best selling item.
Introduce three most popular black contacts for their natural style.

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