big eye contacts

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Big eye contacts

Big eye contact lenses are...

Big Eye Contacts are the contact lenses that have big graphic diameter with the maximized dolly effects. As imitating the styles of Ul-zzang (a person who is handsome or pretty) and the K-POP stars became a trend in Korea, big eye style contacts gained their fame throughout the world as K-POP got popular globally.

Hushcolor is a company that collects various big sized contacts (over 14.0mm graphic diameter) into one category under the name of Big Eye Contacts, and sell them at a bargain price. Since the color of the eyes that most people around the world have is brown or brownish colors, brown and dark brown affiliated colors are the most popular among the Big Eye Contacts category as well.

Big eye contacts and the average size of the iris.

The size of iris (contrasting concept of sclera, the white part of the eye) is generally around 12.0mm to 13.0mm. The graphic diameter, which is the colored portion of the lens, of the first one-day contacts was about 13.0mm. With these contacts, users could experience effects of their eyes being slightly bigger than usual. These one-day contacts did not make much difference compared to the natural eye size.

The circle lenses, also known as the colored contacts, are made to be used for multiple months. Since the main purpose of using these contacts is the styling and beauty, the graphic diameter of these types is quite large. Most contacts for the cosmetic uses have the graphic diameter of 13.5mm.

Started 5 years ago, the big eye contacts with the graphic diameter of over 14.0mm are now leading the contacts market worldwide. The main reason for this is that trend is now moving to various kinds of contacts such as big eye, color enhance, etc., from the natural sized color contact lens. Also, for those who have big eye pupils or those who enlarged their eyes through surgery need to wear contacts that are specially manufactured for them.

In 2015, the sales of big eye contacts are able to overtake the total sales volume of all other different size contacts. To keep the pace with global trends, we, Hushcolor, are selling many different kinds of big eye contacts in very cheap prices.

Big eye contacts is the most favored colored contacts for Kpop stars!

Big eyes contacts create outstanding dolly eyes effect and good enlargement. Particularly, limbal ring type of brown colored contacts become the most loved item for colored contact users.

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