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Best Contacts

Best Contacts for Dry Eyes!

'The water content of a soft contact lens can vary greatly, from 38% water to over 70% water, so consult with your eye doctor to be sure you’re using the contacts that are best for you. Counterintuitively, soft contacts with a higher “wetness” level, though comfortable, may worsen your dry eye symptoms. Contacts designed to hold 65% water, for example, will wick away moisture from whatever environment they are in—in this case, your already-dry eyes—to maintain that 65% level of moisture. While the lenses will be nice and moist, this will leave your eyes drier than they were before. A soft contact with a low water content level of about 38% will feel comfortable and allow your eyes to breathe without drying them out.'
According to advice above, for those who have dry eye symptoms, please be refered to water contents described in each contacts.

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