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  1. Exchange/Return/Refund policy

    1. We sent the wrong lenses or The lenses are damaged or defective. 
    Please send us email with evidence picture within 2 weeks. Then, we will directly take an action to refund or exchange. 
    ☞ e mail:

    2. Customer's private reason
    We will also accept return or exchange. Please send us email with reason for return or exchange within 2 weeks. In this case, shipping cost is for customer pays. Please understand.
    Shipping cost for exchange as follows;
    (1) Return (Unopend, unexpired, undamaged boxes in the original packing with the label provided)
    Please send us 'Return request email' within 2 weeks. We will give a refund upon your order except shipping cost.

    (2) Return (Opened, unexpired)
    Please send us 'Return request email' within 2 weeks. Opened product wil be is refund with partially deducted.

    Our cs team will guide return and exchange process in detail. 
    One on one inquiry 
    ☞ e mail:

    Please be informed that return and exchange is conducted only for products within 2 weeks from receiving.
  2. There is a scratch on the item I received. What should I do?

    We are deeply sorry for that. It would be very thankful if you send us an email regarding the situation. As soon as we receive the email, we will send you the instructions of exchange and return.
  1. Managing your account

    Having an online account with us allows you to check out faster, review past orders, save frequently used addresses, and get the latest on sales and new arrivals. All you need to create an account is a valid email address.

    Learn more about our privacy policy.
  2. To sign in or sign out

    You need your email address—that's your username—and your password to sign in. You can see whether you're signed in or not by looking at the top right corner of the website.

    To sign in, click the "Sign in" link and enter your name and password as a returning customer. Sign in now
    To sign out, click the "Sign out" link in the top right corner of the website. If you purchased any items, you can also sign out on the Order Confirmation page that follows the completion of your order.
  3. To find a forgotten password

    If you have an account and have forgotten your password, we can provide it for you.

    Click the "Sign in" link in the top right corner of the website, or find your forgotten password.
    Enter the email address used to sign up for this online account and then click the "I Forgot My Password" link.
  4. To add or change your information

    You can manage your personal information, including your email address, password, and billing or shipping addresses, at any time.

    ① If you're not already signed in, sign in now and enter your username and password.

    In the future, you can click the "Sign in" link in the top right corner of the Gap homepage.

    ② Click Your Account in the top right corner of the website.

    Your account page shows the various categories of information you can choose to view, edit, or update.

    When adding or changing your billing information, be sure to enter your billing address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. Incomplete or incorrect information may slow your order.
    Mobile phone number is also required in case of delivery problems.

  5. Why do we sign you up for an online account?

    Here's what you get:

    Faster checkout: Your billing&shipping information is securely saved so you don't have to enter it again and again.

    Quick access to addresses you use often: All your shipping addresses are saved, so they're ready when you are.

    Order tracking and review: You can follow the progress of a current order and look back at your past orders.

    The latest info on sales and new arrivals: If you choose, we email you updates about your favorite merchandise or what's going on at all HushColor online shop.

    Save More : We operate a frequent Mileage program. create account, write reviews and when you check out, mileage is credited.
    You can even purchase goods cheaply by using mileage.

    All you need is a valid email account. Create an online account.
  6. What is mileage? & How do I accumulate my mileage?

    We give you mileages whenever you purchase our products (for members only)
    (1 mileage = $1.00). 

    TO get miles as follows;
    1. Create new account - 2.00 mileage
    2. Purchase our products - miles defined to the product description
    3. fill in 'review' - 3.00 mileage
    4. Participate in promotional events on Hush Color.

    ※ Mileage is a supplementary method of payment and you can accumulate your miles.

  7. How to modify my membership information?

  8. I lost my password. How do I get it?

    You can obtain your password by e-mailling Hush Color Customer Service Team,
  1. Is tax included in the price listed on the website?

    No, it is not.
    It occurs rarely but sometimes you might need to pay for the tax. 
    We are very sorry but tax needs to be paid by customers. 
    Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.
  2. Is drop shipping possible?

    Yes, we can do drop shipping. 
    You may use other addresses for shipping. 
    Please make sure to type in the correct address in the [ship to other address] section.

    Contact Us :
  3. When will the ordered items be shipped?

    If the order is complete, it will be shipped within 1 day. 
    However, there will be no shipping on weekends in Korea(Saturday and Sunday), and holidays. For instance, for the orders made on the Friday afternoon, the shipping will be made on the following Monday.
  4. What happens if I ordered two of the same item, and one of them was completed, but the other one is incomplete?

    Please do not worry. 
    The item that went through complete process will be shipped only. 
    If, both orders were made, but one of them were a mistake, please let us know through email. 
    Emails regarding this issue received before shipping will be canceled.

    Contact Us :
  5. Is my order has been shipped?

    The tracking number will be sent to your email after shipping. 
    So you will be able to check the location of your item with the tracking number.

    For Guest :

  6. It has been 15 days since I made my order, but I have not received any email or information regarding my shipping. Why is that so?

    There are two possibilities. 
    One is that the payment is incomplete. 
    The customer thinks that they have completed the payment, but an error has occurred during the process. In this case, you will not be responsible for any additional fees. 
    You will just need to reorder the product and complete the payment. 

    The second case occurs when we are out of stock. 
    This happens very rarely. 
    In this case we send out an email regarding this matter but you might have missed it because the email we sent is in the junk mail folder or the email address you have given us is wrong.

    Please send us an email regarding this issue and we will contact you immediately.

    Contact Us :
  7. Delivery time

    Orders are processed within 24 business hours. 

    EMS: About 3-5 business days 
    International airmail service: about 10-14 business days

    Delivery times vary by destination
     Delivery time does not include weekend and public holiday.
     You can track your EMS box at the official postal website for the country.
     If stock is unavailable and there is a delay with your order, we will advise you via email. 
     Our shipping policy follows the regional legislation of the global air mail regulation.

  8. Delivery method & Shipping Cost

    ① EMS with tracking : 
    [$ 25] After the shipment will arrive between 3 business days~5 business days. 
    Total price of 100 or more order free shipping.

    ②International Air Mail with tracking : 
    [$ 5.5] After the shipment will arrive between 10 business days~2 weeks. 
    Total price of $70 or more order free shipping.
  9. Order confirmation / shipping information e-mail does not reach.

    There are two possibilities. 
    First, there might be a mistake made with the email address you made a request to. 
    In this case, we have not reply to you because we did not receive your email. 

    The second case happens when the reply email from HushColor is in your junk mail folder or the emails from HushColor might have been blocked from your email account. 
    Please check your email settings if you have this problem.

    Contact Us :
  1. Hushcolor Shopping Guide

    Hush Color will provide a valuable feedback to our customers on any issues.

    Your precious order and payment service is available for 24hours. 
     Orders are processed within 24 business hours excluding weekend and holidays.
     Hush Color Costumer Service Team: Please directly contact us at "" with any issue.
     You can also inquiry  us one and on at "ASK A QUESTION"
  2. Sample Lens mark.

    “Sample Lens mark” : The notation on the delivery boxes is “Sample.” This is to prevent the imposition of customs clearance. If it is noted as “Goods,” there is much higher chance to have customs clearance imposed.
  3. What is the raw material of contact lens? Are they safe?

    Every contact lenses are made with polymacon/polyhema and water. 
    We only offer the safe contacts that are certified by the Korean Food & Drug Administration, FDA, Japanese department of health and human services, C.E., etc.
    Those lenses that did not pass the qualification test may not be sold. 
    We only sell contact lenses that are manufactured in South Korea. 
    Please do not worry regarding this matter.
  4. What is the difference between contacts with 14.0mm diameter and 14.2mm diameter?

    In fact, the size of these two lenses are quite similar. 
    They are in two different lines only because each manufacturer has different product sizes. 
    For instance, 14.2mm diameter is the smallest size for the contacts made by GEO. 
    They do not provide contacts with 14.0mm diameter. 
    However, the smallest diameter size for NeoVision contacts is 14.0mm. 
    So, for those companies that have 14.2mm manufacturing line do not need to establish 14.0mm manufacturing line. 

    A synonym for the small sized contact is 14.2mm and 14.0mm! 
    The important thing is the graphic diameter.

  5. Why the moisture content rate different for each contact lens?

    Each manufacturer has a different moisture content rate, the percentage of moisture lens contains. 
    Some people say that the high moisture content is more comfortable, and some others think that high moisture content contacts have problems. 
    For this reason, manufacturers have different moisture content rates.
    If you remember the comfortable moisture content rate for you, 
    it would be a huge benefit for you when selecting the contacts. 
    High moisture content rate is not related to the quality of products.
  6. What are the silicon hydrogel lenses?

    The silicon hydrogel lenses are the contact lenses that are made with silicon hydrogel. 
    The silicon hydrogel has much higher oxygen permeability than the normal hydrogel soft lenses. 
    Usually, contacts made with silicon has about 6 times higher oxygen permeability than the normal contacts have. 
    However, some people experience occasional trouble with these contacts.

  7. I looked over the contacts that were shipped, but the color(brighter or darker) of the product is quite different from what I received on the previous purchases. Why is it so?

    If we are out of stock, we always order products with the same design from the same manufacturer. 
    However, sometimes the manufacturer makes a little change in the tone of the original color. 
    If there is a difference between the previously purchased item and the recently ordered one, it is because the manufacturer made the change. 
    Please know that they are not defective products or mistakes.
  8. Is the price listed for one pair of contacts or for one lens?

    It is a price for a pair. We are not selling one lens separately.
  9. For those who are not wearing any glasses, what should be the frequency of glasses?

    Plano items would be the ones you are looking for in that case. 
    Choose 0.00 in the frequency selecting section.

  10. Is it okay to use [eye-drop] on the contact lens?

    Yes, it is possible. 
    However, you have to understand the right method of using the eye-drop products.
    Also, there are two types of eye-drops.
    One that can be used without contacts, and one that can be used with contacts. 
    You must check the type before using them in order to keep your eyes healthy.
  11. When will the out of stock(or sold out) items be restocked?

    We do not know the exact date of restock. 
    It varies depending on the circumstances, but every restock has been made within 1 month to 45 days.
  12. Even though I have astigmatism, would it still be okay to use the lens of the general frequency?

    It is not recommended to use contacts in the general frequency if you have astigmatism. 
    However, consult with ophthalmologist or optician for more information.
  13. Do I have to know specific information such as diameter or base curve?

    For ordering prescribed lens, you need to have those information. 
    First, check the frequency and base curve status with ophthalmologist or optician.
  14. Would it be possible to order items with different figures but the same design on the product list?

    Sorry, but that is not possible. We are not selling any other products than listed on the website.
  15. Prescription Help

    Your prescription information such as B.C/P.W.R/D.I.A/C.Y.L/A.X.I.S/A.D, etc can be found on each Product detail pages.
  16. What does B.C.(base curve) on a contact lens mean?

    BC stands for "base curve" and is the curvature of the lens. 
    The larger the number (e.g. 9.0) the flatter the lens and the more it will normally move. 
    A lower number (e.g. 8.5) is a steeper curve and will fit more tightly. 
    If switching back to the 8.5 base curve has solved your problems then we know that you prefer a tighter lens so the problem is hopefully solved. 
  17. What is D.I.A (Diameter)?

    A straight line passing from side to side of a lens in plane condition, through its center. 
    The unit of measure is 'mm'
    General size of lenses is 13.8mm~15.0mm. Because average size of our pupil is about 11.5mm~12.5mm it can create good enlargement and bright effect.
  18. Available power range at Hush Color?

    From 0.00 to -10.00 (It depends on products). 
    For further information, 
    Please directly contact us at ☞ 
  19. Type of contact lenses at Hush Color?

    Only soft type contact lenses are available at Hush Color.
    These thin, gel-like lenses conform to the shape of your eye. 
    They're more flexible than gas-permeable contact lenses, so they're more comfortable and easier to get used to.
  20. All products of Hush Color pursues healthy and safety manufacturing method.

    All products on Hush Color is manufactured according to  'sandwich manufacturing process' and 'Double-sided casting mold process' patented. 
    These safety method provide no direct contact with cornea or eyelid, offering greater comfort and safety to the wearers. 
    More than 90% of the cosmetic contact lenses is now manufactured according to  'sandwich manufacturing process' and 'Double-sided casting mold process'. 
    Specially, Korean manufacturing quality of cosmetic contact lenses is highly acclaimed from the world.
  21. Country of origin

    All contacts lenses at Hush Color is provided by renowned and trustworthy South Korean manufacturers.
  22. Do I need to submit a prescription to purchase color contact lens on Hush Color?

    You don't need to submit your prescription. 
    However, Hush Color strongly recommends to enjoy cosmetic contacts lenses with your prescription from optometrists.
  23. Does Hush Color ship internationally?

    Yes, we basically ship to all of the world. 
    ※Except for countries banned shipping due to country internal regulation and problem.
  24. Instruction for safe and comfortable use of contact lens

    Please make sure a clean and safe handling and properly use it. 

    Please see your eye doctor for eye examination, a prescription and instructions for your contact lens. 
     Please see your eye doctor issued the prescription or in neighborhood regularly for eye examination. 
     If felt abnormality to eyes, please stop to wear contact lenses immediately and contact your eye doctor. 
     Concerning a trouble on your eyes with contact lens, we will not take any responsibility in the medical care at all. 
     Please confirm the observance of contact lens wear and keep your eyes safe and comfortable.
  25. I have received lenses ordered, however I noticed that left and right colors of each lenses are slightly different.

    Please re-check the front and back of lenses. 
    And yet, if they are still different please contact us directly at
  1. Why is the tracking status not changing for a long time?

    For the international airmail sent from Korea, 
    the items need to wait in the airport for about 3 to 10 days. During this time the status will not change. 
    We have received many inquiries for this matter. 
    However, this is a normal situation so do not worry.
  2. When I track the location of my order, it shows that the tracking number is wrong. What could be done for this?

    After we ship the product from Korea, 
    the tracking number will show the location of the item in Korean Postal Office website. 
    However, you will be able to track your item on your country's Postal Office website 2 or 3 days later. 
    Do not worry if this happens since this is a normal situation. 
    If you cannot track your item after 3 days, please send us an email.

    Contact Us :

  1. To pay with a credit or debit card with Paypal.

    When it comes to purchasing the products you love, you have a host of options.

    When you pay with a credit or debit card, you need the name printed on the card, the card number, the month and year the card expires, and the 3-digit or 4-digit security code.

    This information, along with the billing address for the credit card, is entered during the purchase process in Paypal.

    These credit cards are accepted.


    Debit cards issued by the financial services companies listed above are accepted.
  2. Is PAYPAL account payment possible?

    Yes, it is. If you have a PAYPAL account, you may choose PAYPAL account payment on the HushColor payment tool. If you do not have a PAYPAL account, you may sign-up on the PAYPAL homepage and use it. Information regarding PAYPAL account payment is on the PAYPAL homepage.
  3. I chose the credit card payment, and followed the instruction, but the PAYPAL payment page popped up. What should I do?

    If you chose the credit card payment, it will direct you to the PAYPAL payment page. On that page, you need to choose the credit card payment. HushColor is using PAYPLA’s credit card payment module, which is the world’s safest credit card payment method. All information regarding your credit card(debit card, prepaid card) will not be stored in HushColor server, because all payments are through PAYPAL homepage. You do not have to worry. PAYPAL is the most used and safest payment tool in the world.
  4. Payment method

    We use a Paypal system for secure and successful online transfer system.
    There are three available payment methods at Hush Color

    1) Transfer with Paypal: For those who have a Paypal account.
    2) Credit Card with Paypal: VISA, JCB, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS card available. 
  5. Open news "HushColor" is newly opened in 2015 for worldwide customers with best quality proven and competitive price. 
    Now Hush color has more than 500 types of lenses in stock. 
    We will pursue 100% your satisfaction with 24hour services. 

    Contact us, 24hours available:
  6. How can the customers be sure that HushColor is selling the genuine products?

    HushColor only sells products that have been approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration. 
    The Korean government runs detailed inspection visit to check the genuineness of products every 3 to 6 months. 
    So you do not need to worry about it. Also, most multi months contacts in the world are manufactured in Korea. 
    The genuine products made by GEO, G&G, etc. are the cheapest ones. Since the genuine products are cheaper,
    there is no need to sell fake items.
HushColor uses the credit card payment and account payment of PAYPAL, which is ranked #1 in market share and security among GLOBAL credit card payment company. Customer's credit card information is not stored in HushColor, so do not worry about security problems.
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